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LoCaRe Final Conference

- Ways to go towards a Low Carbon Economy! 

Final conf

On 26th September 2013 the LoCaRe Final Conference took place. This event marked the end of the project in which the aim has been to reduce CO2 regionally and locally by developing low carbon solutions - and to contribute to economic growth at the same time.

Participants discussed the LoCaRe policy recommendations:

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VACO2R - Voluntary Agreements for CO2 Reductions

The objective of VACO2R is to get local Small and Mediumsized Enterprises involved in energy savings and CO2 reductions through voluntary agreements.



ESA - European Sustainability Ambassadors

The ESA project aims at developing effective methods to educate and motivate children and young people to think and act in a sustainable way.

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Best practice from Sweden - Lindköping Biogas

Lidköping Biogas is one of the world’s first plants för Liquefied Biogas (LBG). Liquefied Biogas enables heavy-duty trucks to choose a viable, renewable alternative, where there currently are few. The fuel production in Lidköping is based on local vegetable waste products from grain trade and food production.


About LoCaRe

Six European regions have joined forces in a common initiative to reduce CO2 emissions regionally and locally. The objective is to develop low carbon solutions at regional and local level and contribute to economic growth at the same time.

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